This page explains how to convert a DOS copy of Privateer 2 to a native Windows Privateer 2 (like the Windows 95 Deluxe Edition). This patch works with all DOS versions of Privateer 2.

Required Files

How To

  1. Copy the contents of all 3 CDs into a new folder, e.g. C:\DARK, overwriting existing files
  2. Extract the DOS-to-Windows patch into the same folder, overwriting existing files
  3. Apply HCl's P2 Enhancement Patch on top of that
  4. If you have a non-English version of the game:
    1. Install the DOS game using DOSBox
    2. Update the DOS version to 17.0e
    3. Copy the patched GAMEFLOW.IFF from the DOS game to your Windows game
  5. Play the game using DARKFIX.EXE (or DARK.EXE if you did not apply the P2 Enhancement Patch)

Version Compatibility

As far as I know, there are two versions of Privateer 2 for DOS: The original release version 16.0 (Commercial) and the patched version 17.0e (Buffalo Wings). My DOS CDs for example are the German version of 16.0. The Windows version is version 17.0e. The official DOS 17.0e patch patches the DARK.EXE and the GAMEFLOW.IFF files. Where the patched DARK.EXE is not used in this patch (the patch ships with a DARK.EXE for Windows), the GAMEFLOW.IFF is used and must be compatible.

  DOS 16.0 (Commercial) DOS 17.0e (Buffalo Wings)
English DOSBox + p2patch.exe → 17.0e OK
German DOSBox + → 17.0e OK

So if your DOS version is 16.0, you need to use DOSBox to install the DOS version, then apply the correct patch for your language to get your DOS version to 17.0e and then you can take the GAMEFLOW.IFF from your updated DOS version in combination with the Windows patch here.

These are the SHA1 checksums of GAMEFLOW.IFF for verification:

GAMEFLOW.IFFSHA1Size (b)Compatibility
16.0 English43d85caf116a9e5bac0e9c96ff7bb19cdd39de12146.762No, use patch
16.0 German514000fdeb7ef68f96663a9965634610f126ddf7148.350No, use patch
17.0e English293b9c293497d3bb47c352c875f1a4c157a7defd146.810Yes
17.0e Germanc4a9e50967b58c0d0ba55a9fe41db741211d8f47148.416Yes

For the curious, the only changes in the IFF file are additions of 4 strings to the INIT.TEXT chunk:


When trying to use GAMEFLOW.IFF v16 with DARK.EXE v17, it crashes when trying to display the options dialog (new invulnerability button) or when trying to display the joystick calibration dialog (joystick names), to fix this, apply the patch and use the 17.0 version of that file.

Known Bugs

Answering "yes" and "no"

Sometimes (ex when you press ALT+X) you have to answer a question with your keyboard. If you don't have the English version of Privateer 2 DOS (I have the German version for example), you'll have to press "Y" for the positive answer (no matter what the "yes" is in your language), and a "N" for the negative answer (the "no" in your language).

Throttle on joystick doesn't work

If you have problems using your throttle on your joystick, simply reinstall Privateer 2 without throttle support. This saves you from dealing with the (slightly buggy?) throttle handling in Privateer 2 Windows.

Sound problems in Windows 2000/XP

If you have got problems getting your sound/music working on Windows 2000 or Windows XP, try to set compatibility mode: Right-click on the dark.exe file and chose "preferences", then go to the "compatibility" tab and check the compatibility mode. Selecting either Windows 95 or Windows 98 should work for everyone.

Native language UI and settings with the patch

If you copy the files GAMEFLOW.IFF and INSTALL.IFF from your original Privateer 2 version (in your language), you will get the installation interface and the game interface in your language, and not (up to now) in English.

Thanks to..

Alex Barnfield
sent me most of the Windows files and helped with testing
Tino Müller
contributed a file for the joystick problem to go away
Andrey Petrov
suggested the compatibility mode fix for sound/music problems in XP
Mischa Jillek
suggested the native language fix by using GAMEFLOW.IFF
Mario Brito
developed the Enhancement Patch and the IFF Huffman decoder

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