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Thanks for visiting my Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom Making of Website. This page is dedicated to a short (about 15 mins) video clip from the german PC magazine "PC Games". This video was produced by Markus Krichel. If you want to see all of the credits of the clip, see the credits page. I've also made a photo of the CD-ROM where i found the video clip, you can click on view the cd to look at it. Also, for the non-german-speaking community, i've done a transcript of the whole text in the video, so you can translate it for yourself.

Shots from the video clip

Of course i have also got some pictures of the video clip online for you to preview before downloading the whole file. Click on showcase to get to the shots page. The shots have been taken from the original movie, downloadable movie quality is a little bit better (i have applied some filters...).

Download the video and files

Here are several files for you to grab. Please, if you want to link these files from your webpage, do not link directly to the files, but link to this page instead, so your visitors will also stay up to date when there is a change on this site, or maybe there is some new information about the making of video.

NameDescriptionDownload Link
DivX Video FileThis is the video file in DivX format. It is slightly better than the original one, because the video is a little bit blurred so that the picture will not be too oversharpened. You'll need the latest DivX video codec installed.
Now hosted by the CIC (FTP Download)
makingof.avi (43.9MB)
Making of PlayerThis is the player app that was included with the original clip, works even without video file, but if you want to play the video through this play, you have to download both and rename the making of video file to "wciv.avi" and copy it to the same directory.coming soon (0MB)

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